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Sluit aan by die vinnigste groeiende filiaalnetwerk ter wêreld en kyk hoe u wins styg!

PeerFly has some great features that make it a truly unique affiliate network. The CPA model makes it easier for affiliates to earn money, and their guarantee to give the highest payout is a very lucrative offer for affiliates.

So, can CPA replace your normal affiliate marketing efforts? As with anything, I like to stick with the motto, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

While CPA has its advantages, it also has its downfalls. The same could be said of CPS. For the best results, I recommend a mixture of CPA and CPS models in your affiliate marketing strategy. In that way, you’re never too dependent on one.

And what of the network itself? PeerFly is a fantastic affiliate network that deserves all of our attention. Each year, it’s climbing the charts and for good reason.

It truly does rise above the average network, and it may even help you become an above-average affiliate.

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