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Welkom by die Dell-geaffilieerde program - maak deel uit van 'n wenspan

If your company has a website and you feel your visitors would enjoy having access to Dell’s online exclusive offers – why not join the Dell Affiliate Program. We are looking for both B2B and B2C partners, so if your audience falls into either of these two categories, you can expect to be accepted onto the Dell SMB and DHS campaigns respectively.

We offer a highly competitive 3% base rate, with a generous 90 day post click cookie window. Average baskets values are well above the $1,000 mark, so vast potential earnings are available to you. offers an extensive range of products from laptops to home entertainment systems, all of which are commissionable. Dell even stock digital cameras, flat screen televisions and games for your home games console.

Kommissie tarief: 3.2% per Koop

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